Aiap DX 2015

Aiap DX 2015—International Graphic Design Week Milano—celebrated also 70 years of Aiap, an acronym that in 1955 was originally meant for the Italian Association of Advertising Artists. Since then, Aiap has always kept alive the attention to the economic and cultural transformations of the graphic design profession.

The theme chosen for this edition is Confini/Boundaries: geographic, cultural, methodological, ethno-anthropological, linguistic and disciplinary boundaries interrogate themselves and redraw their geographies by configuring moving landscapes. Aiap DX 2015 wanted to be a moment of rethinking through a program of round tables, conferences, exhibitions and, as usual, international workshops for students and professionals, held by renowned graphic designers.

Studio Folder was asked to take part to one of the exhibitions with three projects: the book SQM: The Quantified Home, the project Italian Limes and the visuals created for Neoasterisms.

Studio Folder designed also the visuals for the International Graphic Design Week.