Parla l’Italia Calendar

This calendar was made for an Italian language school and cultural centre in Moscow. Aimed at students of Italian language, the calendar is composed of 12 sentences taken from quotes by famous Italians. Each month is composed of one sentence, with each letter representing one day of the month; the sentences also evoke the spirit of each month, e.g. the blossoming of trees in April or the long winter nights of December. The binding is left open, and the clamp with hook can be re-used after the year ends.

January — This quote comes from an advertisement of Cynar, a popular Italian bitter liqueur: “Cynar helps you against the attritions of modern life”.
February — This is a quote from a poem by Andrea Zanzotto, an Italian vernacular author: “What will happen to the snow, what will happen to us?”
March — This is an excerpt from Galileo Galilei about astronomy.
April — This is a Bruno Munari quote about trees in spring: “[Trees] are a slow explosion of a seed.”
June — Fabrizio De André, one of the greatest Italian songwriters of the 20th century, speaks about clouds as a metaphor of life: “They go, they come, sometimes they stop.”
September — A quote from one of director Nanni Moretti’s most famous movies; the main character describes his daily activities: “I go around, I do things, I see people.” This has become a very characteristic Italian saying to describe being a layabout.
December — The title of one of Italo Calvino’s best-known books: “If on a winter’s night a traveler”.

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