CZA – Zucchi Architetti

CZA Cino Zucchi Architetti, one of the leading European studios in the fields of architecture, landscape and urban design, is constantly searching new spatial solutions in the diverse and layered character of contemporary human territories.

Its goal is to combine innovation and research with a professional completeness, capable of responding to complex programs at any scale; employing its articulated expertise and, when needed, a well-established net of specialised consultants (structural and mechanical engineering, traffic, economics, landscape design, graphics, light design).

Studio Folder coordinated the whole process behind the design of the website, from art direction to web design and development. The art direction has been a crucial step into the project: CZA’s use of textures in its architecture was the cornerstone around which the photography choices were made, and the vector patterns used as backgrounds were created as a connecting link throughout the website.

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