Folder is an agency for visual research founded by Marco Ferrari and Elisa Pasqual in 2011. We help people visualise their ideas and concepts through a diverse range of work including editorial, art direction, exhibition design, brand identities, data visualisation, websites and digital publishing. We work on cultural and commercial projects, from concept to solution, for individuals and foundations, companies, and galleries of any size. We believe our work can contribute to the development of thoughtful ideas and the enrichment of cultural discourse in everyday life.

Current team: Marco Ferrari, Elisa Pasqual, Luca Ferrario, Iacopo Leardini, Simone Trotti.

Past collaborators: Francesca Biagiotti, Alessandro Busi, Chiara Cesaretti, Guido Dal Prà, Michela Di Cristina, Aaron Gillett, Alice Longo, Federico Lorenzi, Francesca Lucchitta, Marina Mangiat, Alice Martinucci, Giovanni Pignoni, Mariasilvia Poltronieri, Davide Porro,  Federico Santarini, Mattia Spresian.