The New City Reader

The New City Reader is a newspaper on architecture, design, public space and the city, posted on walls in public space for collective reading (a practice common in the 19th century). First published in 2011 as part of The Last Newspaper exhibition at the New Museum (New York City), a new series was created in 2012 in connection to the Istanbul Design Biennial. Each issue of the The New City Reader is guest-edited by a contributing network of architects, theorists, and research groups, bringing diverse fields of expertise to bear on each issue.
Conceived by Joseph Grima (Domus) and Kazys Varnelis (Netlab), the newspaper’s content is derived from a series of discussions, debates, interviews and research into the spatial implications of epochal shifts in technology, economy, and society today.
The layout of every issue is based on the same grid, but each adapts the format depending on the particular content and themes. For example, Letters, the fifth issue, was designed in collaboration with the calligrapher Roman Wilhelm.

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